The Athena Arena

Make a Quantum Leap in Mastering Your Inner Game Knowing This

February 22, 2023 Liz Gracia Episode 18
The Athena Arena
Make a Quantum Leap in Mastering Your Inner Game Knowing This
Show Notes

Today is a Mastering Your Inner Game episode. Before I go further with these topics, I must introduce you to the scale of human consciousness Dr. David R. Hawkins created over decades and a lifetime of consciousness research.

This scale, known as the Map of Consciousness, was initially printed in his bestselling book Power vs. Force.  

Let me read just a small excerpt from his bio that you can find at

"Sir David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. was a nationally renowned psychiatrist, physician, researcher, spiritual teacher, and lecturer. The uniqueness of his contribution to humanity comes from the advanced state of spiritual awareness known as" Enlightenment," "Self–Realization," and "Unio Mystica."

Rarely, if ever, has this spiritual state occurred in the life of an accomplished scientist and physician. Therefore, Dr. Hawkins was uniquely qualified to present a spiritual path that is scientifically compelling to modern society."

Today I will share fascinating information from consciousness research and why it is significant for you to bring this to your awareness if you intend to Master Your Inner Game concerning your business, marketing efforts, and life in general.

Most calibrations share today come from

The Map of Spiritual Progress I promised can be found here.

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