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What Do High Converting Websites Do That Maybe You Don't?

February 01, 2023 Liz Gracia Episode 15
The Athena Arena
What Do High Converting Websites Do That Maybe You Don't?
Show Notes

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Today's episode gives you the Top 5 Tips for a high-converting website, home page, or landing page, along with some other key factors to consider.

What is a high-converting website? How would you even know?

Well, if you are like many small business owners and solopreneurs, you don't stop and consider your home page, or the performance of your website in general. 

If you aren't applying more advanced marketing strategies to your website, your website's Home Page is likely doing the heavy lifting.

It is best to ensure that you optimize your Home Page for conversions, as it is typically the highest-viewed page on your website.

So let's take some action this week and see if you can't optimize your home page for better conversions.

That's today's topic.

Resources I mentioned:

Neil Patel's blog post about high-converting websites.

Check the page speed of your website or any page on your website here.

These tools help boost the performance of your website:

These are examples of websites that are high converting, per Neil's blog:

And other websites to get inspiration from:

  • ( another email service provider I'd recommend)
  • (if you're a coach or digital course creator, this is an excellent all-in-one platform)
  • a quiz and lead generation platform I use

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