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What Does It Mean to Master Your Inner Game?

October 19, 2022 Liz Gracia Episode 2
The Athena Arena
What Does It Mean to Master Your Inner Game?
Show Notes

Hey there!

Last week I promised I’d dive a little deeper into how this podcast is intended to assist you with Mastering Your Inner Game….

another way you could look at it is by Mastering Your Mindset…

but as we move along, you’ll understand why the “Inner Game” is really where the power to transform or significantly re-engineer your life can happen

What does this mean?

How can you move into Mastery regarding your life, business, and mindset?

Today I will tell you what this will look like as this podcast evolves. 

But before I do, 

My name is Liz Gracia. I am your Happy, Insightful, and Perceptive host of

Welcome to episode 2 of The Athena Arena Podcast – The Content & Digital Marketing Strategy Academy for Aspiring 6, 7, and 8-figure (what I call) Wonder Woman Brands & Mastering Your Inner Game…and gorgeous men…don’t be fooled by the whole “wonder woman” thing…this is meant for you too!

As promised in episode 1, this podcast is more than just “how to” digital marketing tips and strategies.

All the digital marketing “doing” in the world (or “doing” in general) is of no use if you keep spinning your wheels and getting nowhere in some areas of your life.

And when you realize you’ve “done” all that you can to no avail, then it’s time to take a closer look…

What’s going on inside of you that is blocking your intent?

What types of suppressed and repressed emotions are bottle-necking your powerful conscious intent to create what you want for your life? And why are they significant?

Don’t worry; we’re not going into deep psychoanalysis, though you could…I will simply share my experience in Mastering My Inner Game and some proven and powerful techniques for going about it relatively easily.

Though, I’ve got to forewarn you that the relative ease will have to come with courage and willingness to accept the truth about your humanity and way of being, as well as forgiving yourself for not knowing any better. 

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